Meet The Team



Matt Price (Chairman)

A triathlete since 2005 with running being his favoured discipline. He has competed in running races from 5k to marathon distance as well as cross country events and Triathlons from sprint to Ironman. Matt became chairman of the club in 2019, as well as a run leader, organising routes most weeks with the club.

Tim Lake (Treasurer)

Also a keen triathlete focusing on sprint to middle distance races. He runs many events over the running season, giving valued running experience when helping to organise routes on club nights. Tim also competes in the Men’s Cross Country team every winter and is always keen to get new members involved.

Lesley Bacon (Club Secretary)

A keen runner, previously running by herself or with friends for many years running 3-5 mile. Since joining the club in 2016 , running her first half marathon in the same year, Lesley now runs 10ks and Half Marathons every year, and completed a sprint triathlon in 2019. Lesley also run with the Ladies Cross Country team and was the team captain up till the end of 2019.

Claire O’Kane (Coaching Co-ordinator)

Having started her running journey in 2012, Claire became a member of the group in 2016. She has completed Marathons in Wales and Barbados. Claire also runs with the Ladies Cross Country team every year. Claire qualified as a Run Leader in 2017, and successfully organises the beginners course. When not running Claire is cycling or swimming in prep for Triathlons.

Lynsey Bolton (Membership Secretary)

Lynsey has ran with the group since its formation in 2014. She has competed in races from 5k to Marathon distance, relays to the Ladies Cross Country Team. Lynsey enjoys just being able to get out there, pushing herself and motivating fellow members to reach their running goals.

Greer Charlton (DBS and Club Welfare Officer)

Greer is another member who also started running with the group since it’s formation in 2014. Greer enjoys running 10k events and is determined to run a Half Marathon, which with the help she is confident she will run one. She enjoys running with the other members and enjoys social aspect of the club.

Josh Woodberry (Media and Website Secretary)

Josh originally started running on his own or with friends, running no further than 2-3 mile in a single run. Since joining the club in 2015 he has completed many 10k and Half Marathon events, also completing the London Marathon in 2018, with the aim now of looking to enter a Triathlon. He enjoys running with the other members and the social side that comes with the club.

Sian Annakin (Committee Member)

Sian Joined the clubs beginners group in 2019. In the same Autumn she completed a 10k race and joined the Ladies Cross Country Team. Sian is always determined on club nights and is now well on her way to running her first ever half marathon. Sian has also recently tried her hand as a Guide Runner, she also loves running for virtual medals and badges.

Peter Chilton (Committee Member)

Peter has been running since his early 20s. Since Joining the Striders Peter has said he is now running more than ever, running many Half Marathons and 10k events. Peter is always keen to run on club nights and is always willing to volunteer for team events, including running with the men’s cross country team in 2019.

Simon Charlton (Run Leader)

Simon started running at the age of 40 to get fit. After joining the club Simon has completed many half marathons and 4 marathons including the London Marathon. Simon doesn’t compete for time he runs to challenge himself and enjoys the social side that comes with Sedgley Striders, and as a run leader you will see him most weeks helping the other members.

Chris Cook (Run Leader)

Chris started running at the age of 45 for a way of staying hit to surf, quite why he didn’t choose swimming he doesn’t know. Since joining the club he has run many Half Marathons, Marathons and a Ultra Marathon, also enjoying the odd Obstacle Course. Chris intends to keep running until he has completed the six world majors (London, Tokyo, Boston, Berlin, Chicago and New York).


We pride ourselves on our reputation as ‘The Friendly Club
We enter all races and events from local 5k to national and international marathons.


We are also very proud of our relationship with the local Wolverhampton Park Run group.
Sedgley Striders have had the privilege of marshalling some the runs and we have over 72 of our club runners who take part each week.


We have a formal structure to the club with a full committee of various roles.

Should you wish to make contact with the club or any of our committee, you can email us direct at