Meet The Team

September 2014 – this is where it all began!
Sedgley never had it’s own running community.

Nick, Nigel, Tim, Matt and former chairman Dave Bytheway set out a vision of their own.
To build a brand new running club to cater for the local and surrounding area.



Five experienced and established athletes in their own right who had a passion for introducing new runners to the sport. Over the years, they had helped numerous family members and friends to get off the couch and get moving!

Matthew Price
A triathlete since 2005 with running being his favoured discipline. He has competed in running races from 5k to marathon distance and Triathlons from sprint to Ironman.

Nick Cockburn
Only started running in 2011 with his first full marathon in 2012, he started doing more marathons and ultras a year later joining the 100 marathon club in 2015. He has now clocked over 150. There are not many marathons locally to here that Nick hasn’t completed.

Tim Lake
Is mainly a short to middle distance runner with a number of years running experience since converting from Football. He is also a keen triathlete focusing on sprint to middle distance races.

Nigel Bolton
A long distance runner taking in mainly ultra and marathon races. He has also completed many triathlon races up to Ironman distance.


So why not make it more formal.
Arrange a meeting point (the local pub seemed like a good start!)
and get together twice a week.

In this short time, the club has gone from strength to strength.
Attracting new members almost every week since.

Along with brand new runners, we have also attracted some great established runners.
This has brought a real variety to the club and has motivated the new members to stride forward with their running and really progress.

We pride ourselves on our reputation as ‘The Friendly Club
We enter all races and events from local 5k to national and international marathons.


We are also very proud of our relationship with the local Wolverhampton Park Run group.
Sedgley Striders have had the privilege of marshaling some the runs and we have over 72 of our club runners who take part each week.

We have a formal structure to the club with a full committee of various roles.

 2018 has seen a few changes to our committee.
Most notably, we welcome Stephen Holmes as our new Chairman. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our outgoing Chairman, Dave Bytheway who started the club in 2014 and has seen it grow from strength to strength under his leadership over the past four years.

Stephen has great experience and will now take the club forward with some new and exciting ideas for the coming years.

***** A message from the Chairman *****

To all you wonderful Striders,

Firstly, it’s an honour to be asked and chosen to represent the club as Chairman.

I have been a member of the club for two years and over that time I have met some great people and some fantastic runners of all abilities and how rewarding it is to see members of the beginners group over the past couple of years progressing to 10k and half marathons with a best time of 3hrs 29mins in marathon and 1hr 32mins for half marathon runs, a great achievement.

I have been a keen runner for around 10 years and have completed 13 marathons and over 50 half marathons with a best time of 3hrs 29mins in marathon and 1hr 32mins for half.
Included in the 13 marathons are 5 London’s and a Berlin all in aid of a charity close to my heart and some of the Striders members – Parkinson’s UK. In that time I have raised over £25,000 pounds. Something I am very proud of.

As you know, we have assembled a new committee with some excellent people with varying abilities in different roles and I can assure you that we will be striving to move the club forward together as a team in a direction that we all want to see with some new, fresh ideas that bodes for an exciting time for the future of Sedgley Striders.

If any of you have any issues or problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email or in person (not on social media) and we will do our very best to get them resolves as soon as we can.

Happy and safe running

Steve Holmes